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Comfrey Books
8.5" x 11", Paperback, Published 2022, $27 each with free shipping

Volume 1:
Botany and History of Comfrey; Garden Uses of Comfrey

Volume 2:
Cultivation of Comfrey; Medicinal and Food Uses for People and Livestock

"Nancy Shirley, I received your books a few days ago & I have to say that I am completely blown away! These are by far the most thorough, professional, educational books about ANYTHING I have ever read! After reading these (I am not even done yet!) I feel so much more comfortable & competent using Comfrey. I cannot thank you enough for devoting & sharing your time, energy & knowledge into these books with the world!"
-Keryn from "For the Love of Comfrey" on Facebook

Buy Comfrey Book
Volume 1, $27

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Buy Comfrey Book
Volume 2, $27

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Buy Comfrey Books
Volume 1 & 2, $49

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Botany and History of Comfrey

Taxonomy and Nomenclature of Comfrey

Borage Family, Symphytum Genus

Symphytum Species

Symphytum Species Classifications

Symphytum Genus Description

Symphytum Species Overview

Details about Symphytum Species

Details about Symphytum Species Hybrids

Prehistory, Ancient Times, Middle Ages and Comfrey

Renaissance and Comfrey: 1400s to 1600s

Age of Enlightenment and Comfrey: 1700s

Age of Revolution and Comfrey: 1800s

The 1900s and Comfrey
Garden Uses of Comfrey

Garden Uses of Comfrey: Compost, Fertilizer, Potting Mix

Growing Vegetables and Fruit with Comfrey Fertilizer

Nutritional Value of Comfrey

"Yes, I have seen the 2 Comfrey books that you sent to Garden Organic. They are certainly a very impressive collection of information!"
-Francis, liaison between Coventry University and Garden Organic in comfrey research and organic growing, United Kingdom

Cultivation of Comfrey

Care of Comfrey Plant: Overview and How to Propagate

Planting, Soil, Fertilization, Water, Disease

Productivity and Farm Economics of Comfrey

Harvesting Comfrey Leaves

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Comfrey

Livestock and Comfrey

Comfrey as Food and Medicine for Livestock

Comfrey Meal, Pellets, Hay and Silage

Livestock / Pet Species and Comfrey

Comfrey as Medicine and Human Food

Medicinal Comfrey Overview

Medical Research about Comfrey and Healing

Personal / Clinical Observations of Healing

Comfrey Heals: Allantoin

Making and Using Comfrey Medicine

Warnings and Negative Reactions to Comfrey

Alkaloids in Comfrey

Some Uses of Comfrey are Restricted by Governments

Humans Eating Comfrey

Miscellaneous Uses of Comfrey

Buy Comfrey Book Volume 1
Comfrey Book Vol 1: Botany of Comfrey page 1 pdf
Comfrey Book Vol 1: History of Comfrey page 1 pdf
Comfrey Book Vol 1: Garden Uses page 1 pdf
Comfrey Book Vol 1: Table of Contents (overview)
Comfrey Book Vol 1: Table of Contents pdf (details)

Tuberous Comfrey: Symphytum Tuberosum
Prickly Comfrey = Symphytum Asperum
Common Comfrey = Symphytum Officinale

History of Russian Comfrey Bocking, part 1
Buy Comfrey Book, Volume 2
Comfrey Book Vol 2: Cultivation page 1 pdf
Comfrey Book Vol 2: Livestock, Pets page 1 pdf
Comfrey Book Vol 2: Medicine page 1 pdf
Comfrey Book Vol 2: Table of Contents pdf

Using Comfrey as Dye, Comfrey Book Vol 2
How Restore Vigor in Old Comfrey Plants

Buy Comfrey Books Vol 1 & 2, save $5

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